How to Increase Tithing This Sunday

There’s nowhere you’d rather be on a Sunday morning than in church. You spend all week putting together a powerful sermon, and you’re ready to deliver it. The worship was excellent, people are engaged and you just know you’re going to receive a great offering that morning.

Offering time comes around and you start watching people look through their purses and their wallets. Some find a few dollar bills, while others don’t find anything. Those that have a few dollars will throw them in the offering plate, but they wish they had more to give.

Others make a mental note to mail a check to the church later that week, but of course, life happens and they forget. The result is that you have a very small offering…again.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Sadly, this is the way it is in most churches today. It isn’t that the people don’t want to give. They do. They want to tithe, and they want to give above and beyond their tithes. The problem is that most of them don’t normally carry their checkbooks with them to church, and the use of cash has gone down incredibly in recent years.

In fact, a recent Bankrate survey shows that 40% of consumers carry less than twenty dollars in cash with them on a daily basis. So, while their hearts want to give on Sunday morning, when they’re not able to do it, those strong emotions tend to fade away by the time they get home.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your church could have a credit card terminal in the back of his or her chair?

Now imagine that while some members of your congregation happily place their checks and cash into the offering plate, the majority of others are pulling out their smartphones. They’re going to www.moderngiver.comand tithing right from where they are sitting.

If they want to designate certain amounts to go toward the church building fund, bus ministry, general tithing or anything your church is in need of, they can do that with ease. There’s no app to download, which makes Modern Giver even more convenient for them.

Modern Giver offers you an excellent solution to one of the church’s biggest problems because people have the ability to tithe or give, regardless of whether they have cash or checks with them. They can even save their credit or debit card information in their account to make giving even easier next time.

Once your congregation realizes they have the ability to use Modern Giver, you’ll see an immediate increase in your church’s giving on a weekly basis.

The Benefits

Modern Giver comes with a host of benefits for you as a church too. Other donation websites charge all kinds of fees. There may be set up fees, monthly fees, transaction fees and even cancellation fees if you decide the program isn’t working. Modern Giver is different. You’ll only be charged a flat transaction fee of 4.9%. That’s it!

Without those other (sometimes hidden) fees, your church will have even more money to use toward reaching out to your community and really making a difference in your region.

Today, everything is about convenience and simplicity. Modern Giver offers you a way to provide your congregation with both when it comes to giving. If you’re ready to see an immediate increase in the giving in your church, Modern Giver will make it happen.

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