Sub-Events: What are they and How do I create one?

A sub-event is a great way to organize your donations under a general donation event. We see a lot of creative ways Modern Giver organizations take advantage of this free feature. Below are more details and a list of steps to get everything set up.

What is a donation sub-event?

sub-event is a more specific donation event that exists under a general donation event. For example, you could set up a Sponsor a Child donation event and under this Donation Event you could add a specific child to be sponsored.


Another example would be to have General Donations set up and institute a sub-event for recurring and/or one time donations. See:

There are countless ways sub-events can be utilized to increase donations for your organization.

You just need to decide which type of sub-event will better suit your needs.

Types of sub-events

There are 2 types of sub-events, TEXT and IMAGE based. For text-based sub-events, only text is displayed on the donor’s device, while image-based sub-events allow you to upload an image and a description.

The latter is typically utilized for organizations that run ‘Sponsor a Child’ campaigns as well as for purchasing or sponsoring physical products.

For example, you may upload an image of an item that someone donated to your organization and have a donor sponsor that item, either on a recurring basis or just that once as a one time donation. Your choice.

How to set up sub-events

  1. Login to your organization admin account here:
  2. Click on Donation Events on the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Create Event
  4. Fill out all of the require information and click on Create Event at the bottom
  5. Choose Standard (text based) or Image
  6. On the right hand side of the screen click on Add Sub Event
  7. Fill out the sub event information and click Save and it will be live


If you have any questions please email [email protected] or chat with us on the right.

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