8 Benefits of Having an Online Mobile Donation Platform

The internet is no longer a separate part of life, which we only check out during our free time. It has become an indispensable part of us. We read the news, go shopping, meet friends, and have business meetings online. The trend is bound to increase as the cost of internet connectivity and internet-enabled devices become cheaper.

Nonprofit organizations can increase their efforts to raise money for the noble causes they represent by harnessing the opportunities offered by the internet. Here are five reasons why such organizations should consider creating ways on how to accept donations online.

1. Cashless society

It is no doubt that the move towards a cashless society has caught up with us without faster than we had anticipated. Credit and debits cards, bank transfers, and mobile money transfer services have made it almost unnecessary to carry cash around. In fact, a 2012 study by CNN money showed that about 43% of adults go for a week without using paper money.

It, therefore, means that nonprofit organizations that do not accept online donations are closing off the 43%. This truth is cemented by the fact that 7 percent of philanthropic contributions in 2015 were done online. The numbers have probably doubled.

2. Reach a larger audience

It is impossible to have an online campaign program without optimizing it for mobile device users. Fortunately, over one-third of the internet traffic is driven by these devices. Consequently, using the internet, give your program more than a standard website can offer.

3. Reaching out to the younger generation

While it is the older part of the population that has the money, young people too would love to take part in philanthropic giving. Their gifts, albeit small, will move you closer to your target. However, this class that comes after the millennials were born in the digital era. They seem to talk and think the internet. Therefore, they are more likely to use the phone to make payments and donations than their older counterparts are.

4. Opens ways for those who expect money at a later date

Think of a situation where an organization holds fundraising or an awareness campaign at the corner of the street. There is a high chance that there is some in the congregation who buy the idea and would like to support but do not have the money.

The willing contributor in the above situation would easily give on a later date if the organization accepts donations online. Otherwise, the person misses the opportunity to support a cause he or she believes in.

5. Makes recurring donations easier

Implementing a recurring gift program is one of the best ways of helping organization raise funds. An excellent way of achieving this is by embracing online contributions into the modes of donating. An online donations tool such as Modern Giver creates an automatic recurring donations program for its clients. This eliminates the need for constant reminders to donors and sponsors to support the organization.

6. Captures impulse and busy donors

It is easy and quick to donate online. Donors do not have to write up a check, send a mail, or follow up on the processing of the payments. Such simplicity makes it easy for organizations that accept donations online to capture impulse donors and busy donors. There is also a class of donors who merely do not like extensive donation procedures.

7. Helps you remain trendy

Another essential reason why organizations should consider online donations is that it enables them to stay trendy in their campaigns. Studies show that charity giving is seasonal. Nearly a third of all donations in a year are done in December, of which 12 percent is on the last three days of the month. Accepting donations online enables an organization to adjust its campaigns and slogans according to the changing trends and seasons.

8. Makes it easy show gratitude

It is difficult to appreciate those who make donations during physical campaigns, especially if they donate in cash. Contributions made using debit or credit cards also do not provide contact information of the donor. Donors whose use online donating tools usually give their email address. This makes it easier to thank your donors and even give them a follow up on your activities. An appreciated donor is more likely to donate again than the one who is not recognized.


Accepting donations online makes the process easy, and simple, which are the two factors donors consider when giving. Contact Modern Giver today or a customized online giving platform for your charity or church.

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