3 Ways Non-Profits Can Increase Donations

With the developing uncertainty in the United States economy, it is absolutely essential for non-profit organizations to take advantage of and utilize every single donation opportunity. At Modern Giver, we have compiled some of the best ways to ensure increased donations so that your non-profit organization is able to achieve its ultimate goals.

Accepting Debit/Credit Cards

According to a survey, an astounding number of organizations lose up to 80% of impulse consumer transactions just because they don’t accept payments made through credit and debit cards. It is quite apparent that the days of making donations via cash and check are a thing of the past.

Have you ever wondered how many people at your fundraising events are unable to make donations despite wanting to do so? Not because they can’t afford to, but because they don’t have any hard cash on them. This could mean many missed opportunities, as almost 43% Americans barely use cash at all, instead they rely on debit or credit cards for all their purchases and donations.

Like everything else, it is critical that non-profit organizations modernize and adapt to modern fundraising opportunities. Updating donation collection methods means more donations and more financial aid to successfully achieve the non-profit organizational goals and visions.

Non-profits should have a credit card or debit card donation alternative available at all times for all their supporters. When a non-profit event ends, and the visitors leave, the idea of donation is often forgotten and that means missing an opportunity.

Importance of Smartphones

According to a research study, almost 44% smartphone users prefer to make in-person payments with their devices while 61% US consumers believe smartphones will eventually replace hard cash for most purchases. These survey results point to one important aspect, using smartphones to initiate and encourage donations. Why is it the new way to go? Well, almost 133.7 million people own smartphones in the United States, this number continues to grow rapidly.

Traditional online donations are also feasible but they lag behind in terms of simplicity. Non-profit organizations need to utilize smartphone platforms that encourage on-the-spot donations especially for the people at your events that are emotionally engaged with your event.

However, there are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing a service to process the donation transactions, the first one being the fee. Most service providers have a huge list of fees that need to be covered, like transaction fees, monthly fees, yearly fees, PCI compliance fees, and downgrade fees. There are chances that they might even charge you hidden fees and unnecessary charges.

At Modern Giver, creating a blend of different types of fees is not what we do. Instead, we prefer to be transparent and simple, just a small flat rate is charged for every type of donation – there are NO monthly fees or setup fees and designed it this way so that it would be completely risk-free! By simply visiting ModernGiver.com on their smartphones (that’s right there is no app to download), users can make donations on the spot, consequently, providing more opportunities to the non-profit organization.

Utilizing Smartphones To The Fullest

Smartphones have a large number of features built into them and location features are most important when it comes to donations. Using this innovative feature, non-profit organizations can bring in donations by providing a giving option to people at live events who might not be carrying any physical cash. This single platform could be used for all your events, for the entire year whether your fundraiser is in a different city, state or country.

Modern Giver

At Modern Giver, we believe that donating should be as easy and convenient as possible. Making it easy doesn’t just motivate people to give, but it also ensures that non-profits will be able to accumulate the maximum amount of donations on the spot, for a greater cause.

With Modern Giver, any person at your event can make a donation, with just their smartphone and a debit or credit card of their choice.

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