3 New Features For Modern Giver Organization’s

We are so excited to announce three new features for all Modern Giver organizations. We truly believe these new features will help maximize donations at your fundraising events and the best part is that they are all 100% free!

1. Sub-Events

What exactly is a Sub-Event? Great question! Sub-Events are geared for organization’s that need to have multiple Donation Events under one or more event categories.

A Real World Example:

One of our amazing organizations, Forever Found had a major fundraising benefit dinner a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles and wanted their supporter’s at the event to be able to sponsor a child that they have rescued out of sex trafficking.

They created a Sponsor a Child donation event in their Modern Giver dashboard and from there they simply uploaded a picture of each child, their story, set the minimum donation amount and the recurring time. The picture above is from their Sponsor a Child campaign on Modern Giver.

Check it out here: https://moderngiver.com/ForeverFound

2. Donation Stats

We received a lot of feedback from our organization’s about being able to show real-time donation stats on their pages. So we have now added this option to every Donation Event that you create!

All you have to do is set Show Donation Stats to Enabled and everyone who visits your Modern Giver site will see it. If you don’t want to display the stats all you need to do is set it to Disabled.

3. Recurring Donations

You can now choose to make any Donation Event or Sub-Event a recurring donation and set the time frame of how often (Weekly, Monthly or Yearly). If you do not force it to be a recurring donation, we still give donors the option to turn their donation into a recurring donation.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me personally, [email protected]or you can chat with support live on our website.

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